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The Paper Ark

Personalised Bird Artwork

Personalised Bird Artwork

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Personalised Bird Artwork

Create a unique and meaningful centrepiece for your home with our Personalised Bird artwork. This customisable product allows you to bring your favourite birds to life in a stunning and artistic display. Each art work is meticulously crafted based on your chosen bird species, capturing the essence and charm of your most beloved feathered friends.


~ Choose Your Birds (Maximum FOUR birds):

1) Select your favourite bird species to be featured in your personalised flock. Whether it's the vibrant Blue Jay, the elegant Cardinals, or the cheerful Robins, the choice is yours. Mix and match different species to create a diverse and visually appealing flock.

- You can share the details about the birds through message chat option or just send me an email on with all the details

2) After the purchase you can share a brief in three different ways as follows,

- Share the name of species of the bird you want and in what type of habitat.
*for example, I want a Carolina Wren perched on a tree trunk with wildflowers around it.

- If you have a photo which you have clicked and want it to be made share it with me.
*I don’t make artworks from photos of wildlife photographers without consent.

- If you have a bird story or memory share the details and the species of the bird.
*for example, when I was a kid a beautiful Carolina Wren used come outside my window and sing a song perched on a tree trunk with wildflowers around it.

3) After finalising the brief I will send you a line art as per your requirements.
4) After you approve the line art I will start the final Paper cut artwork
5) I will share the finished Paper cut artwork with you and after your final approval I will ship the artwork

*See it's that's simple :)



~ Size - 15x15 cm
~ With a window mount
~ 1 inch deep shadow box frame
~ Synthetic dark wood finish
~ Museum glass for crystal clear display
~ Acid free mount
~ Tooth hanger at back for convenient wall hanging

~ Size - 9x9 cm
~ Mounted on a 300 GSM mount board
*The artwork is Signed and Numbered by the Artist.

One of it's kind Paper cut art, single piece ORIGINAL artwork.

A piece of Art for your wall which will keep you connected with the nature and it's beings.


Enjoy the artwork


Miniature Paper relief artwork
The artwork is Signed and Numbered by the Artist.


This Detailed art piece is completely hand cut on a Cold pressed cotton rag watercolour paper (Acid and Chlorine FREE, 200 GSM) with surgical Knife.
The artwork is painted with water colours.


However DO NOT emerge it in Water or any other liquids to prevent discolouration. Avoid contact with chemical liquids like hair spray, perfume, lotion, etc.


The framed/unframed artwork will be placed in a handmade cardboard Hard Box and wrapped in a courier cover to avoid damage.


Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful and personalised gift. Choose from our selection of gift wrapping options to add an extra touch of elegance to your Bird artwork.



* If you need one as a rush, please message me and I will do my best to accommodate. Thank you!

Please message me with any questions!

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